Territorial Pissings

I now have a much clearer idea about the various factions in the game, and the things that motivate them.

Such as: naked fear.


4 responses to “Territorial Pissings

  • Chip

    Well, I’m sure there’s more to work on lights and shadows, but that comes last, as it takes lots of time to render. However, I really like the mood and the added details. You’re becoming an expert in GtkRadiant, which I’m trying to learn. Good job on the textures, they’re nice and clean.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Yeah, the light is very primitive atm, just floodlight and the yellow spots I chucked in there.
    I feel right at home in Radiant now, although there’s always more things to learn. Making textures is pretty fun.
    PS. I’m sorry I STILL didn’t animate your shotgun model.

  • Chip

    Don’t worry about my shotgun, my project is in waiting mode right now, as real life client work is on the first place. I’d love to feel at home in Radiant, too, I currently work in QuArK and I know everything about it. It doesn’t have misc_model support, and lots of variables are hardcoded. Also, development has stalled a while ago, as one of the two devs has some health problems.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    misc_model as in, static meshes (q3bsp)? Oh, it would suck not having that.

    If you need any radiant help, feel free to ask. But it’s really just a matter of using it every day.

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