Pass me the details

Continued the basic detail pass into more of the maintenance-type areas I had blocked out. I use quite a lot of patches now, which is admittedly lazy compared to exporting the stuff to Blender and finishing it there. But Blender’s time is coming. This is only the beginning – there should eventually be another layer added over the top of this, consisting mostly of mapmodels / props / static meshes.

Lighting is still extremely basic, and I’m using a “fast” setting for compiling this map, so we’ll see what else is in store later. I’m assuming I’ll have to light the entire game relatively well, though, although it depends on the brightness of the textures and other things. It’s pretty unlikely that you’ll end up crawling around really dark places in this game. But the final word is not yet spoken about lighting.

I did end up putting some of the glowing monitors in, although only in very few and well defined places. Like I said, they might end up becoming animated, interactive, and display actual programs running. I just felt like doing some more Doom 3 homage.

I stopped using -patchmeta during the compile, by the way, since it ended up increasing the compile time ridiculously and was also breaking the smooth shading on patches. Which is surprising. I’m not sure if that’s just a bug with the q3map2 version I’m using.

I’ll have to fix the damned spiral some other way then, probably by taking Blender to it. But all other patches in the game work better without -patchmeta, so the case is clear.

One response to “Pass me the details

  • Chip

    Looks nice, especially the second screenshot. It has a certain Half-Life-ish mood, which I’m sure it’ll go away when you compile the map with final settings and full details. It’s not a bad thing, though.

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