Barrel of a gun

Modeling some props. Spam, spam, beautiful spam. Everyone loves cargo props. It builds character and muscle, will say Gimp & Blender skills.

Unwrapping the palette was fun, because it was an exercise in getting the most from a single texture. The barrels use submaterials – I found out how to touch the ASE in all the right spots to pacify Radiant after only hours of trial and error.

Note: You can have multiple materials on a static mesh, but all material names, map names, and bitmaps in the file must point to the shader, without the TGA suffix. Katsbits recommends splitting the mesh into one object per material, then exporting them as a group instead of joining them. And that seems to work fine.

As a side effect of my recent extreme-BSPing, patching and meshing, the world of Scout is developing an appearance. I’d describe it as a mixture of clean and dirty, desaturated and colour, light and shade. Cleaner than Quake, grimier than Mirror’s Edge, or thereabouts.

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