Vintage car aficionado

Out of the large pile of models that gnounc originally donated to RMQ (such as the helicopter), his Jeep is finally in. It’s not textured yet, but I fixed the model up here and there and now I have a handle on it you could say.

You can actually, theoretically, drive from this garage (which is close to and underneath the start of the level) all the way across the outdoor area, after you rotated the bridge, and via a vehicle lift across the helipad and into the warehouse on the other side of the map. I might even extend the vehicle accessibility all the way into the excavation area and to the portal. There are more vehicles among gnounc’s models, such as a forklift. I actually jokingly pitched “forklift DM” and “objective based teamplay with vehicles” to the RMQ team once, but it wasn’t so well received.

Yeah, Scout’s Journey is, in all likelihood, going to feature vehicles.

I’m posting this shot ^ as well, because it again demonstrates how colour is seeping in through the cracks while I’m not watching. Grr. And here I was going to have a desaturated tone-in-tone aesthetic in my game… so much for that. Hmph.

Side note: Can I say how happy I am with my stuff at the moment, the game looks better than I would have ever hoped – largely thanks to the efforts of people like Spike, gnounc, the old RMQ team (ijed, Supa, MH, pineapple & co.) and the folks behind q3map2, qfusion/Warsow/FBSP and FTEQW. I also want to thank Obsidian, Spiney and crizis for their recent help.

3 responses to “Vintage car aficionado

  • Spiney

    Yep, it’s certainly coming along nicely it seems.

    The monitors look a bit random to me, also the neon green feels a little out of place to me. Maybe they’ll look better animated, also I think the data displayed could be more “abstract”; You could have vertical scrolling cryptic text and a horizontal scrolling spectogram (just google spectogram images). With the data being composited more all-over the texture that then a clean composition as it is now. It’s hard to put into words, in most games and movies the monitors aren’t meant to be read, just to appear as techy and sophisticated as possible. So I’dd personally make it appear more like a console read-out and less like a GUI.

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