The ground beneath her feet

I guess at this point, there’s so much detail in that I can leave this area alone for a while now. There’s enough other stuff needing attention. The beginning of the level is still not completely retextured and relit, the end of the level needs the finishing touches, and the terrain with everything on and around it needs to be finished. Since the open area of this map is comparatively small, I might just use terrain models made in Blender – putting the terrain through the map compiler also has the benefit of vegetation etc. casting shadows. Guess there needs to be a bit of grass, plants and trees, as well as more cargo and military related clutter.

The outdoor spotlights don’t stand out enough, so there’s a new skybox and a darkened sky shader oncoming.

Indoor detailing continues and gnounc’s forklift model is now in as well.

Soon enough the other maps will need some attention. I’d like to switch to actual gameplay and creature/weapon/player/item models with the beginning of next year. A lot of stuff has been put off to make room for mapping.

In general, I can say that since the fork I’ve made good progress and got my teeth into it. A bit of Scout’s world is established and waiting for Scout herself to arrive. The proverbial ground beneath her feet is prepared. Adding basic gameplay to this level will be as easy as putting one or several Herd shrines in to spawn patrolling Sentinels, and to set up an altar and scatter a bit of loot and charms around. That’s sort of the next step, and everything else will follow from that.

3 responses to “The ground beneath her feet

  • Spiney

    Have you thought about using alpha blend for those fence textures?
    You might be able to get away with it for scenes where you don’t have overlapping transparencies. I think the aliasing on the helipad fences is a little jarring.

  • Spiney

    Also, thicker wires might look less shimmery at a distance. (see last shot)

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Good point; the fences have been bugging me for a while, I think they were the first shader I ever wrote. 🙂 I’m gonna try and make them look as good as the alpha blended decals.

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