Dead Flowers

Work on the Doom 3 “speedmap” (hack, cough) continues. The map is two thirds done (this time really, last time without details & monster placement only). There are roughly 80 monsters so far, including two Archviles who will summon at least 10 more. So the final version will contain around 120 enemies (and all weapons including the soulcube). I’m aiming for gameplay similar to the BFG edition’s Lost Mission, ie faster movement, lots of ammo and a large amount of monsters, but the map will only require vanilla Doom 3. It is going to install as a mod, so players can load it from the main menu and automatically get stuff like faster walk speed and several other tweaks. There will be no RoE content, as I personally think the RoE weapons are gimmicks and monsters like the Vulgar can be done without.

This map already has all the Doom 3 hallmarks: a Mars base overrun by monsters, teleporters, lots of ambient sounds, storage lockers and PDAs. Not to mention zombies playing dead, monsters patrolling and walking through doors, touchscreens, keycards, videos playing on monitors, and all the other stuff. Yeah, even monster closets.

I have already decided to cut some stuff I originally wanted to do here, in order to get it out of the door, so there is a chance of a second map in the future – unlike originally planned, this one ends at a teleporter.

I think for a first playthrough, we’re looking at 30-60 minutes of action-packed, typical Doom 3 gameplay. My goal is not to reinvent the wheel, but to deliver a Doom 3 map for people who liked Doom 3. Call of Duty players or the “vintage Doom forever” crowd are not the target audience.

So far it has been incredibly fun to make (which was the idea), but also sometimes incredibly frustrating. More on that later.

Oh yes, the screenshot might be a little dark, but… this is Doom 3. Darkness is its second name.

Doom 3 (non-BFG) can be gotten at Steam (link). I’ll see later about adding BFG edition support, but it might be difficult.

This is a side project, purely for fun; development of Scout’s Journey of course continues.

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