Long Knives


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Preparing to gut and rebuild this map in earnest. This is quite different from how this map looked in Remake Quake, or rather, it’s a complete deviation. e1m2rq used to have one large outdoor area full of random clutter – round towers, arches, portcullis, and somewhere in there the front of the temple which only very recently came to be, in fact, a temple. The entire thing was so large that I had to chop it up with extra sky brushes and insert visibility separators in a couple places to keep performance up.

Worse, though, it didn’t work because the entire outdoor stuff had been an afterthought.

So let’s try that again, only with a plan. This is going to be a classic setpiece of a long stone platform built upon a large rock, with the temple itself set against a snowy mountain and connected to the foot of the rock by a long wooden staircase. Below the rock is a wooden dock on a small inlet.

The parts I can salvage from the RMQ level will turn into a subterranean dungeon (or several) and be located “inside” the mountain. This should make it possible to completely separate the dungeons from the setpiece visibility wise.

Now I’ve got to decide what to salvage, where to make the cuts, and how to arrange the dungeons. The outcome should hopefully establish the theme for SJ’s medieval part. As a side effect, this map will lose its Quake-derived visuals and go for something more unique.

The player is going to return to this place several times; it’s sort of the home base of the good guys in the game and it should be possible to get teleported from here to most other important places in the game world, such as the final showdown, the fortress, or the Herd base. At that point, most of the world is open to exploration.

A similar fate eventually awaits the “Doors of Delusion” map, but I’ll probably focus on coding and modeling before I finish the environments. Map05 is a long way off.


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