Temple setpiece 1


Move over, former Remake Quake map. Your chopped up remains can line up for recycling, please.

It’s hard to call it “blocking out”, rather a sort of mixture of whitebox / dev texture / block / patchwork methods, but here is the new setpiece for SJ map02, Temple of the Old Religion, taking shape in Radiant (seen in FTE, though).


The “spikes” are actually inspired by whale bones that some Frisian houses from the whaling era have in front of them to form an entrance. I saw these for the first time when I was little, near where I live, and their scale here is probably derived from the impression they made on tiny GB. The Goddess has a large house and it’s fitting that the entrance should be overscaled as well.


From the other side, seen from the temple yard, they flank the buttress with the altar on it. This place is high up so it’s intentional that this appears to be up in the sky. Think “Asgard”, although Scout’s Journey doesn’t mention any real-world pantheon by name.


Let’s do the stave church-inspired temple again, only this time bigger and with a plan. Remake Quake had something like this already, but it was more of an afterthought. It is front-and-center in Scout’s Journey now.


View into the temple yard – the ring in the middle is a fountain.

The concept drawing I’m working from is this one:


I hope to fill in the rocks, the large stairwell, and everything else over the coming weekend and thus lay down the entire outdoor area.

The remains of RMQ e1m2rq, Castle of the Crimson Blades, will be assembled around this setpiece, but out of sight of the temple to keep performance up. There is lots of stuff like this:


That’s going to transform into subterranean dungeons.


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