Temple setpiece 2


Continuing to build from the concept drawing… using blocky approximations of houses and other props, the main concern here is to get the scale and proportions right. Houses etc. are exported to OBJ format to be finished in Blender. Rocks are still placeholders – better model rocks will also be made in Blender.


Oh yes baby, we have water, ships, and a boat house. Going for a very definite Norse theme here, inspired by places like Bork Havn, Ribe and Dejbjerg open air museums in Jylland. The scale of the ship was taken from the Oseberg Ship – it, too, is going into Blender.


Ship placeholder at the very raw docks, but in the right place already. And this is what matters here – the final level will have the exact same proportions and view angles.


And we are all the way around! More McDonald’s placeholder rocks. In the bottom here is a dam that Scout is going to blow up in the game – she will find the explosives in the Tribal Village a bit further around the inlet.


The temple overlooking the little inlet, the altar, the stairs to the temple, the boat house, Tribal Village and the dam.

The back is going to be open towards the sea, but the rest will be surrounded by heightmap mountains – I’ll have to create these in FTE soon.

I’m really happy with this, finally something that is unmistakably its own thing. One of three major outdoor setpieces in Scout’s Journey.

If you think this is pretty big, it’s nothing to write home about really in terms of size / performance / compile time compared to this:


The Sleeping Fastness level. This size I would say is about the maximum of what’s healthy with FTE and FBSP.

The third outdoor setpiece is the Stronghold of the Herd level:


The game’s other two locations, The Golden Bridge and Dimensional Anchor, are all underground.

It’s takin’ shape. Redoing the Temple map has been absolutely key to get a grip on the game world as a whole. The Golden Bridge map largely exists, too, although I’ll probably put in the time and redo the bridge setpiece as well (it’s nothing near the scale of any of this here).

Dimensional Anchor I’ve put off for a while, I want to do a working prototype of my core gameplay mechanics first as well as my HUD and a few models.

And suddenly, I’m feeling like I can do this again.

Edit; it would be fair to say that Brunhild’s palace from “The Dragon King” (also known as “Dark Kingdom” and “The Nibelungs”) was an inspiration for this map, along with a few similar movie sets depicting Iron Age inspired halls. If you haven’t seen “Dark Kingdom”, it’s on Youtube and the trailer is here.


2 responses to “Temple setpiece 2

  • =peg=

    Very nice work! Great to see you found the drive again to get on with it, keep going!

    Those spikes with the temple backdrop, immediately made me think of the start area of e1m5.. so I guess there is still some Quake DNA left in SJ 😉

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Thanks! Oh yeah, there is some Quake DNA. Even the setting takes cues from Half-Life and directly from Quake, with its evil-aliens-from-another-dimension theme. Even DOOM is in there.

    The gameplay is more intricate though – see the flowchart, Quake’s would be a lot more primitive – and the story is a real story with real characters.

    I wasn’t gone, just doing the less visible work that needs to be done also. And this temple map did seem a little daunting until I actually started it. It’s the horror of the blank page (and here’s where it’s helpful to do concept “art”).

    Also, 1 million level designers can’t be wrong, it helps a lot to take the “orange blocks” approach to creating the level.

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