Hybrid lighting


Adding shadowless rtlights over the lightmap. What this does is improve the look of the specular highlights as they move across geometry according to the player’s position. Only very few rtlights in an area (just the main light sources) are enough for this. No realtime shadows, so still great performance.


Only the light in the corner is an rtlight (shadowless), everything else is lightmap. I can probably still tweak this to get less of a halo around the light fixture. Anyway, it demonstrates hybrid lighting (lightmaps / deluxe / shadowless rtlights).


Pipe/locker specular improved by rtlight over the original lightmap. It messes with the decals, need to fix that.


Proof that deluxemapping/specular still works in areas without rtlights.

This is all very much work in progress, but it’s going in the right direction.

Thanks to Spike again for listening to my whining and fixing bugs. Get FTE


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