Rise and shine


The latest FTE has deluxemapping working in FBSP, and thus specular maps as well.

Now to figure out how to create good specular maps – it is definitely a lot harder than creating normal maps. Anyway, you can see some preliminary bump’n’gloss in the image above, on the pipes and the concrete. This is with static lighting – no rtlights needed. As such, performance is great.

I do think I will move towards (shadowless) rtlights in Scout’s Journey, because they really make specular highlights look a lot better without dragging down the FPS.


Here are some very shiny barrels, I’m sure this can be done better in the future but well, it demonstrates norm/gloss working on static meshes as well.


Bump/gloss on wood and toned down barrel.


Deluxemapping in a testmap.

The latest SVN build of FTE really does run very nicely, the mouse input is now handled by Xinput2 under Linux which means raw mouse without acceleration problems pretty much. Nice engine.

Well, we’ve got norm and gloss working, and there is a new temple setpiece for map02, so… I can feel gameplay prototyping coming on. And Blender usage.

More about that after the br… Doom3 map. Grr.

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