Preparing the codez

Scout’s Journey is going to start its gamecode from scratch, using a CleanQC source and licensed under the GPL.

In preparation for that I’ll be doing some work on the CleanQC project hosted by gnounc. Once that reaches a stage where I deem it clean enough, I will fork it for Scout’s Journey.

Afterwards, a number of things are going to get ported from the RMQ source (and ExtrasR4), and then I’ll start implementing the more SJ-specific things.

The Scout’s Journey source will be hosted at a public git repository which will be linked from this page.

It was decided to start from a clean slate for reasons of both mental and technical sanity after reviewing the RMQ code. 😉

It would be a very good question how much RMQ there even is in SJ after this. Some parts of the RMQ gamecode; some parts of the former RMQ episode 1 (literally parts); and perhaps a few ambient sounds.


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