Stabbity stab.


Making a short sword in Blender. This is the Order Footsoldier’s sword – the lowest rank of soldier in the Order faction. It’s his sidearm, his main weapon is a semi-automatic crossbow.

Yet this is made with viewmodels in mind, since every enemy weapon in SJ should be usable by the player as well. This was made in under 2 hours, the majority of the time was spent getting the blade cross section and tapering right.

This is a stabbing sword, as you can see from its shape – the game’s also gonna have a machete which won’t allow for stabbing, but for punching with the finger guard instead.



Making the cross guard was a bit time intensive, too, since it’s not the same width and cross section everywhere. I think it’s OK, though.

I slapped on basic materials in Blender for the renders below, I haven’t actually textured it yet although I have a uvmap.  It turned out nice I think.



247 vertices.

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