Take his picture, chop-chop


Here’s the swords textured. You can see how ginormous the bidenhander really is. Making use of FBSP map format allows me to have larger monsters than e.g. Quake, because I’m not limited to its collision hulls anymore. The size difference between the enemies is similar to that of their swords.


Making the axe – not such an easy shape to create, so I spent a while on it. This stuff should be valuable practice – I need to make more complex stuff later. I will probably add a couple polygons to those models at a later point, but right now I’m just trying to get stuff done.



Gordon Freeman has his crowbar, I guess Scout has a fire axe. I was tempted to make it a double bladed one for symbolic value, but in the end I just like this shape better.


Axe head profile.

I guess it’s more of a hatchet, really.


The first Herd weapon, the machete. Herd standard issue! This is also the starting weapon of Scout’s coop sidekick. I wanted a bladed weapon with a sci-fi slant for the Herd faction, and this fits the bill nicely.


Cheap and easily mass produced, simple to use, and no unnecessary frills. Yep, that’s a Herd weapon. For when those laser rifles run out of batteries.

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