The S in FPS


Second attempt at the pistol – the first one was discarded. I think this one is OK so I’ll keep it and modify it until it’s finished, and then it can be Scout’s pistol. The magazine, trigger and slide are all different parts for later animating as you can see here:


I think I’m not going to do full internal detail, because this is already a bit heavy on the polycount (well, heavier than I’d ideally like) and the player won’t ever be able to look inside the pistol any further than this.


Here’s the wireframe in an early phase.


6 responses to “The S in FPS

  • Spiney

    Nice, there’s gonna be reloading and minimal delay between consecutive shots? How are you going to texture it? I think doing something of a TF2 texturing style might work well for the characters and guns. Then again I have no idea what those are gonna look like 🙂

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      yeah, quick shooting and quick enough reloading. In SJ, all sidearms are gonna have infinite ammo (like in past Tomb Raiders) but do only little damage. That includes pistol, machine pistol and laser pistol. For the higher tier weapons, you’ll need to collect ammo.

      For textures I’ll probably bake a normal map with some additional detail, bake an AO map, then use a mixture of that and photosourced textures and hand painting.

      The art style is going to be ever so slightly comicky, but not as comicky as TF2.

      Not going for photorealistic visuals though, it’s fine if it looks like a game.

      I’ll start sculpting and baking normal maps from high poly models when I feel like it, but for weapons (and mapmodels) I can probably get away with only slightly higher poly versions that can be done and baked pretty quickly.

      Characters are gonna be interesting. I do think I can do it, though.

  • Spiney

    Are the 3 pistols theme bound or upgrades? (or both?)

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      The standard pistol is found by Scout in the first level. The two rapid fire ones are dropped by first-tier Herd units, along with the shotgun.

      You can only carry 1 weapon per slot, so you’ll have to drop the pistol (or stash it) to pick up, say, the MP.

      There are upgrades but they are different from RMQ. They’re rare items you have to find and they’re applied automatically as long as you have them in your inventory.

  • Spiney

    Going of on a tangent, an interesting idea would be to have a game where you can only carry one weapon. Having very different weapons could radically change the way a level needs or can be played.

    Another idea is to be able to carry 2 weapons in dual wield, one LMB and another RMB. And each weapon could work in tandem with another to create tertiary firing modes (eg shock combo in UT). That would be an interesting idea for a game with only 3 or 4 weapons, but it’dd have the functionality of 9 to 16.

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      Yeah, an approach like that sounds like something I could like. Ideally you’d make it so enemies can’t drop weapons, in order to keep the weapon limit logical.

      I also like the Mirror’s Edge approach where you can disarm enemies but you only get to use up the ammo in the magazine before the weapon becomes worthless.

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