MP concept to mesh


The Herd machine pistol after a couple hours of poly-pushing. I learned a few useful things, such as vertex slide and boolean tools. Anyway, I think I’ll leave it at that for the moment. I don’t want to burn myself out adding details to individual weapons – I’d like to do at least the laser pistol and the shotgun as well before I go back to my code and perhaps a bit of mapping. Blender is a highly addictive tool, though, even more so than Radiant.


Here’s my relatively bare-bones concept. I looked at a couple submachine guns from games, such as Crysis 2’s Feline and Stalker’s OC-14 Groza, and I knew pretty much what I wanted. The weird curved front and overall plastic look is part of the art style I want for the Herd units – compare the machete.


A good hour later, I had this basic mesh. And then I just went from there.


An intermediate stage. This is the only automatic rifle style weapon in the entire game, by the way.


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