Sub-D laser


High poly version of the Herd laser pistol, WIP. For later baking (edit: substituted a render from Cycles, Blender’s new rendering engine).

Sub-D modeling is really easy in Blender, to the point where it gets a bit boring. For me, coming up with the original concept and modeling the basic silhouette of the object is quite a bit more exciting.

I have a half dozen new concepts, too, which I’ll go and model over the coming week or so, here’s a preview:



It seems we’re well past designing the Herd faction, and a good way into modeling it.

The other thing currently on the agenda is finishing the loot drop code, all that remains there is pretty much polishing and patching it up. After that is checked in, it’s more Blender and coding the new central game mechanic & the CSQC HUD, based on gnounc’s previous work.

Learning more stuff all the time, too. Here’s a great video tutorial about modeling and texturing game assets.

Here’s a closer look at the subsurfed laser. As you’ll notice, there aren’t that many polies added; it’s mostly about controlling the automatic subsurf so it doesn’t balloon in places it’s not supposed to. Subsurfing is potent stuff, it will easily turn your model into a bubble if left unchecked.





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