Look Ma, no Quake

Scout’s Journey is now a standalone game. Quake is not loaded anymore.

The few remaining assets from its past as a Quake mod will be replaced in the natural course of development.

In the end, this was pretty easy to accomplish.

2 responses to “Look Ma, no Quake

  • Spiney

    FTE runs Schism pretty smoothly also, faster than DP for the biggest maps. Though we’ve been able to increase DP perf by tweaking some vars. There’s probably more hidden stuff we don’t know about, one of the downsides of using a feature loaded engine I guess.

    How has the specular highlight thing worked out? Still mixing deluxmaps and rtlights for blinn?

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    I support the notion that FTE renders large RMQ (SJ/Schism) maps faster than DP does.

    I haven’t worked on the specular issue since I posted about it, so that’s indeed what SJ does atm. Work is currently done mostly in Blender and QC coding, with other stuff coming in as I feel like it. Stuff is subject to change when beneficial, of course.

    DP’s specular / deluxemapping is slightly prettier, as LH demonstrated to me a while ago because it uses some special technique that I forgot the name of (mea culpa). However, that also costs performance which for SJ is a no-no. It was pretty though, and DP is a great engine even if SJ is made for FTE.

    I will avoid using rt shadows as long as possible, because I don’t want to trash performance. So static lightmaps are the way to go, with only one possible exception. 😉

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