Hexen 2 Radiant


I discovered a way to use Radiant (or any other map editor that outputs standard Quake format .map files) for Hexen 2 mapping.

Despite no gamepack existing for it, you can simply convert Quake format .map files to Hexen 2 format. All you need is an advanced text editor, such as Vim.

What you need to do is to append ” -1″ to every line that starts with a “(“.

Here’s how to do it in Vim: Make a backup copy, then load your map file (vim mymap.map) and enter this command

:%s/(.*$/& -1

That’s it. Check if the stuff got appended correctly, then save the file by entering “:x”. Hexen 2 qbsp will then accept the map file; compile as normal.

I’ll turn this to a tutorial once I can get some other related stuff together.

This page has a tool to convert Valve 220 format maps (Shit Worldcraft) to Hexen 2 (and Quake), by the way.


Here’s a doodle made in Radiant, compiled with MH / AguirRe’s light tool and rendered in FTE.


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