HUD progress


We recently made good progress with designing the HUD layout and its various elements. I came up with an art style that ties into the game’s story and developed a workflow to get stuff from the drawing board into GIMP and then into CSQC, and devised a method for animating 2D HUD elements.

I’m also at a point now where I find I really don’t want to share everything with the public anymore, because stuff like the skill tree and so forth just contain too many spoilers. I’m not averse to dropping hints though, for anyone who’s willing to puzzle them out. This is why parts of the tree are hidden.

Anyway. Scout’s Journey has two HUDs.

  • the standard ingame HUD which is now completely diegetic, meaning there are no numbers or icons present on the game screen whatsoever, and all the info is inside the actual game;
  • the wordy HUD which actually is also going to be diegetic, meaning tied to an ingame thing, but consists of several interactive (mouse) pages of info. The skill tree pictured above is one of those pages.

My thanks go to gnounc for CSQC help, tutorials, mods, HUD ideas, and telling me to drop the stuff that wasn’t needed (in the end, we decided to drop the web browser from the HUD after all). And to Spike for more HUD ideas, technical info and general witchcraft.

I’m sorry to announce that there will neither be an integrated X server nor automatic playing of Binge videos.

Apart from all that, there is now a new game mechanic that should reward exploration even more. This new thing is inspired by literature and has quite some horror potential. It is not connected to loot, rather an extension of the game’s setting.


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