In The Bag


We’ve got an inventory, and we’re getting a first glimpse at Scout (well not quite the first one, but still).

Scout carries a bag with 36 slots in it (no weight limit – it’s a magic bag). Additionally there are 5 slots for charms (think powerups) and 9 slots for weapons and tools. That’s 50 slots. She can carry lots of weapons, but can only ever have one of each type equipped;

  • melee weapon;
  • sidearm;
  • main weapon;
  • heavy weapon;
  • special.

On top of that she can carry a trap and a couple grenades.

Items in the inventoy slots stack.

The appearance of Scout herself here is pretty final. I wanted her to look likeable but durable, and reminescent of ’90s game heroes. And most of all, no chainmail bikinis.

In case you’re wondering about the look, there is a good reason for it that’ll become clear during the game.

Work in progress, all rights reserved. And this one actually passed the censorship.

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