Hand me my license

There was recently some discussion about what the license of the original QuakeC source code is.

The answer is that QC version 1.01 was released under the GNU GPL (it can be downloaded from id Software’s FTP server). Some version of the Quakeworld QC was also released under the GPL here.

The latest version of the QC source, version 1.06 (also available from id’s FTP), appears to be not under any license, hence not expressly permitting commercial use (whereas GPL licensed software can be sold as long as the source is made available).

I added my 2 cents to that discussion already, but I want to clarify what Scout’s Journey is going to do.

In short, I am going to base the game upon the version 1.01 QuakeC source, which is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2, and I will release the source along with the game when it is finished. I will make an effort to not taint the codebase with any non-GPL code, either.

The engine (FTEQW) is GPL licensed as well and the source code is publicly available already.

This means I’ll have to redo a certain amount of stuff on a new codebase, but nothing out of the ordinary. It also means I’m unlikely to use any parts of the RMQ source that I don’t either have the copyright or have received a license for.

Hence, all SJ sourcecode should be correctly licensed under the GNU GPL.


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