More gamecode

Still on the code front. Stuff done recently:

  • Unlimited number of custom keyitems. You should never see the same key twice in the game. Rewrite of RMQ trigger_lock. Now makes use of the same loot table as everything else.
  • Groundwork laid for over 30 status effects that can affect players and AIs.
  • Various dropped traps now self arm and function as they should.
  • Basics of equippable weapons, armour and charms covered for players and AI.
  • Monsters dropping random loot, including the loot they picked up from others or from the surroundings.
  • Various loot handling functions added.
  • Each item in SJ now has over 70 properties.
  • On the FTE front, I saw Spike added working classes to QuakeC. I also heard something about menus and drag and drop in CSQC.
  • Various documentation and high level game design work.

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