I think I’m getting closer to a final colour palette for Scout’s Journey. It is probably going to rely on earthy colours such as shades of brown, grey, olive, beige and dirty yellow, with everyone’s favourite blue and orange acting as highlights only. I recently found that a bright steel tone tends to look very good as a highlight as well.

This gives me a few options; I’ll be able to make the dank dungeons of the mid-game look suitably drab, but at the same time I can have pretty colourful tech type stuff in the first level. For the last stretch of the game, the lava caverns and basalt-type visuals of the endgame, I’ll be able to expand on the grey and orange tones, with Luminar lightning utilizing the blue.

This harkens back to some of the stuff I did in RMQ, such as using blue dynamic lights with visible coronas to highlight things in an otherwise brown dungeon. The Quake palette was incredibly limiting though, because there aren’t so many bright colours in it to choose from.

The orange is pretty bold; I’ll have to make judicious use of it only. I guess laser beams, torches, lava and certain creature’s glow effects might appropriately use it.

I’ve been thinking to do style units in order to finalize the look of the three main environment types. I think those are a brilliant idea. They would usually be done during preproduction, but they might still be useful now.


2 responses to “Colours

  • spiney

    Have you tried to swap the orange for a deep red? In this particular case a dark grey or black might look nice also. The orange works well as a color palette but looks slightly kiddie I think 🙂

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    True that, in this case a dark grey might work better for the cable. Dark grey is actually in the palette. One of the pipes uses it for example. However, this scene was just quickly knocked together to have all the colours visible. It’s just a test map.

    I’ll try a deep red in place of the orange, but red wouldn’t be as appropriate for the things that emit some sort of glow – lasers, luminar queens, mortar explosions… plus, I like orange.

    I’m still pondering if I could have different highlight colours in different areas, like Mirror’s Edge does. Another possibility is to tweak the shade of the orange. The one I picked is pretty dark, the cable here mostly looks bright because of the specular and the light source.

    Still wondering what to do about vegetation – I guess leaves and grass will have to be brown, dirty yellow, or olive green. The other possibility is to really go for a dreamlike visual and allow translucent blue grass.

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