Herd Patrol!


Progress. I’m drawing more game assets etc. in preparation for another batch of modeling. I also compiled a chronological list of story-related cutscenes. The game is going to feature at least 20 of those. I’m aware that cutscenes aren’t the latest and greatest in game design, but Scout’s Journey has a large amount of backstory and character growth that just needs to go somewhere. I don’t think it’s so bad to kick back and watch a small ingame movie after completing key points of the story. Rest assured there will be tons more backstory encountered while the game actually runs, found around the game world or in dialogues, these 20 animated scenes only contain the heaviest stuff.

It is an RPG, after all.

Above is a quick attempt at a Herd Banshee unit, especially her somewhat unusual equipment. Here is a sketch of a Herd Trooper, for comparison, and this is the weapon she’s carrying.


Quick doodle of a Herd Commando. 🙂

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