Lighting almost “good”


Vertex lighting is fixed in FBSP. This bodes well. Mixture of lightmaps, vertex lighting, and cubemapped shadowless rtlights going on in this shot. I think we can call this good. (No post processing, this is dumped straight from the game at a gamma setting of 1.0.)


Shadows are still happening away from the rtlights, provided by the trusty lightmaps, which is good.

It might seem like I’m wasting too much time on lighting these barrels, but lighting is in fact 90% of an environment. Think about it – it’s light that determines how you perceive stuff in an image. This stuff is the foundation of the entire game’s appearance.

We were also talking colour on IRC – there was a point made about colour pigments being somewhat expensive, for example blue. I’ll take this on board; blue will be used throughout the game, but as an accent only.

The colours and garments of the various factions and NPCs have also been defined; based on research, the Order faction is wearing black, white and purple true to their identity as a sci-fi Inquisition. Shining steel, rust red and blackened metal will be seen on the various plate armours. The Herd sports urban camo with black and white composite body armour, drawing inspiration from various medieval and modern sources. Tribals are fond of brownish-greenish colours with the occasional splash of hippiesque colour.

All factions gained deployables in a recent redesign; I believe I mentioned “Morrigan turrets” for the Herd, which now have counterparts in the Order and Tribal facions.


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