Collaboration: GB and Fenris


Quakeworld community member and level designer Fenris hit me up and suggested a collaboration on a duel map he was working on. I said yeah, sure I would like to do that. So I received his greybox layout and went to work cleaning it up and basically artpassing it.

I did new textures, complete lighting, details, and even weapon placement on this map. A slightly older version than the one shown here is being tested over at if anyone wants to give it a runthrough.


The inspiration for my artpass was “Mirror’s Edge”. The textures are all 8-bit Quake palette ones though. This map doesn’t even use coloured lighting because I’m not sure if the prevalent QW engine, EZQuake, can handle that kind of stuff. I also opted out of my initial plan to use glass as a design element, again because I was concerned about the lack of support for such fun things in EZQuake.

It’s starting to look good, I think – as good as 8 bit with no bells and whistles is going to look.


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