Dark Materials



The refined normal maps add quite a lot to the game. The herdbase testmap is really starting to look like a dingy bunker where things went terribly wrong. It’s not obvious from the screenshots, but some of the lights are flickering. rtlights with lightstyles do look pretty sexy.


I also went over the specular maps again. Tried my hand at a metallic Hammerite-like surface here.

I reorganized and consolidated my textures according to SJ’s three themes; herdbase, medieval and core. This was a good point to drop all remaining RMQ textures and go over all shaders and mapmodels to make sure they refer the correct materials.

Did a lot of reading up on various things recently. I have a feeling I might go into character modelling relatively soon. The only thing in the way of a large amount of (weapon/health/artifact) viewmodels is the hand model which needs to be finished. The current blocker regarding the ingame (mouse driven) GUI is that it needs to be projected onto a viewmodel using some CSQC chicanery. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

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