Getting pretty efficient at making small assets in Blender.

It strikes me how good a game using FTE / Darkplaces can look – sure, it won’t best pixel monsters like Crysis 3 anytime soon, but this used to be a Quake engine we’re looking at. Let that sink in for a moment.

And I didn’t even use the realtime shadows yet.

Unlike some more modern offerings, these engines won’t make a turd look awesome. They’re bare-metal and brutally honest; they require you to, simply speaking, get your shit together and adapt and improve constantly. However, they also offer quite some untapped potential that lets you do things that are locked down or hard to implement in other, commercial engines that you can get “for free”.

I kinda prefer it like this.

As for The Plan ™, it says that I want the herdbase level and the first of the medieval levels in an acceptable shape before I commit to a coding block again. I’m doing a lot of the more tedious and time consuming things now to get them out of the way (modeling furniture is actually not that much fun.)

The next milestone is to have a presentable prototype (likely a video presentation) including fundamental gameplay mechanics, basic character models, viewmodels, GUI, looting and loot management, equipping items and maybe NPC dialogue sometime in Spring. I won’t quite make the end-of-the-year milestone, but I’m not that far behind.

4 responses to “Chairman

  • Spiney

    Something about the lighting feels off… can’t put my finger on it. Using gouraud or phong? Phong with good smoothing groups should fix things, incase those aren’t done yet. Gamma correcting the lighting can also make a huge difference in quality (worth the shader cost, imo) Looking at these, I think you could put the objects on a plane in blender and do a hemispherical AO bake to the plane, could then use the texture as decals to put under the objects in game, could help compensate for limited lightmap resolution and ‘bleeding’ specular. Ideally you could do the lighting twice, once with and once without radiosity+dirtmap and then subtract the latter from the first so you’d end up with 2 lightmaps so you can mix dynamic shadows + ao correctly (shadows subtract from first pass, ao subtracts from subsequent passes) . But that’s pretty technical, but it’s just how you would do it ideally 😛 you could slap on those kind of decals as blob shadows for characters. Could be a nice vanity project for the engine. Not sure if Spike would like that since it’s still based on 10 y/o tech (i know i know).

    • Spiney

      With such a split you could also solve the double specular issue with the deluxemaps. Only use deluxemap specular on the ambient lightmap, disable specular on the direct lightmap and give some lights a key so they contribute specular reflection as dynlights (but no diffuse reflection). You could even use the light vector of the direct lightmap for per-object shadowmap direction.

  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    Good idea.

    I was already planning on using decals for shadows where necessary, actually.

    I’ll have to re-read your post when I’m not insanely tired :-^

  • Spiney

    It’s a bit pipedreamy and beyond your control since it would mean modifying the rendering pipeline. But I dunno, this would just make so much sense for a classic lightmapped Quake type engine anno 2013.

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