kinda dirty



Made myself a new glass shader that uses the new sky texture as an envmap (aka fake reflection), so it’ll always match the sky. It’s one of the dirtiest windows I’ve ever seen. The shader has an inside and an outside, because the inside has no envmap.

I got the sky envmap idea from Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, which I play far too much. ETQW is generally one of SJ’s huge inspirations, since it uses comparable technology, a similar mixture of large outdoor areas using heightmaps and BSP-based indoors that’s not found in too many other games, and similar hardware limits (it came out in 2007 or so). Only the gameplay is rather different! But if I ever add multiplayer to SJ, it would most likely resemble ETQW’s objective based teamplay.

Other funny things from the short term memory (hm, I start to sound like Spike): I ported the rotating entities from RMQ to SJ and much improved them. It’s like rotating entities 2.0. The rotate_door entity was merged with func_door, as a result I had to change the door code a little compared to id1. I also hooked the doors up with SJ’s core loot system, so doors can now require anything from the loot table to open instead of silver and gold keys. “You need the golden spaghetti monster to open this door” has become a possible reality.

rotate_door became superfluous because SJ no longer uses Quake 1 map compilers. Those have a peculiarity where anything whose name starts with “rotate” gets its origin from another entity it targets – which back then, I used as a poor man’s origin brush. With FBSP, we can just use the real thing, so no need for the masquerade anymore.

SJ now also has sound players, which I took as an excuse to create a number of new ambient sounds.

Next thing to port is probably pox’ ladder with Spike’s FTE compat code. I won’t port much else from ExtrasR4 because I think it might have been based on QuakeC 1.06 which isn’t GPL. The ladder code looks like it was written from scratch, though, which would give pox the copyright and pox GPL’d his source, so I think I can justify that. FTE does have another way to create ladders, but IMHO those aren’t nearly as good as the RMQ ones.


I’m not gonna port the emitters and all that, since I now use FTE’s particle system. The fire was another thing that bugged me for ages, so I redid the torch with particles instead of sprites. With the old e1m2rq level being cut (moved to ROEM), there is also no more moving water in SJ so I don’t need all that either.

In case no one mentioned it elsewhere, Spike added gettext support for string translations to FTE. That was pretty cool, we made it speak Danish and German already.

I recompiled the Herdbase level so I could look at all the new details. I almost impressed myself there for a moment. No screenshots. HA!

I’m kinda productive lately which is cool.


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