Mood change


Bunch of shots from last night’s Herdbase compile.

Some models are still fullbright. Probably a placement issue. New windows here, too.


Looking back at shots from 2012, the overall colour scheme and mood changed markedly.





Largeish new area, lacking details yet. Stalker influence with the fires here. Detailing this will be fun.

The map broke one q3bsp “sanity limit” today for the first time. Heh. Flashback to the BSP2 madness of RMQ…

Lots and lots of polies onscreen, but still runs well on old hardware. Just a few hint brushes might be needed.

Compile time w/ fullvis 12 hours, which I find acceptable. Some large areas aren’t yet included in that though. 90% of the time is needed for lighting (this is a low setting, too.)

Need to break some real limits soon to keep things interesting.

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