Slot Machine III


Drag & Drop is working.


This means the user interface has become functional. You can now equip an item by dragging it out of the bag into one of the weapons/tools/charms slots, just like in most other RPGs. The doll (where you can equip Scout with armour and so forth) is still a stub because I didn’t yet decide where the slots should go in the artwork XD

The orange icon is the mouse cursor highlighting what’s beneath it. All the artwork, of course, is work in progress – the icons were literally one minute jobs.

I’ve gotta thank Spike for explaining the arcane secrets of FTE’s CSQC and teaching me how to program better. The Scout’s Journey code is open source (GPL), so I hope others will someday benefit from it without having to jump through all the hoops I had to jump through.

For a basic primer about what CSQC (Client-Side QuakeC) is and can do, click here, You might want to download that plaintext file in order to view it properly.

It ain’t over yet – stay tuned while we attempt to project the whole interface onto a 3D object inside the actual game world. This’ll be fun.

Video to follow soon, probably in an end-of-the-year post.

Also, happy $holidays. Skål!

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