A little cleansing

Some of you might have noticed that the tutorials are gone. So are the RMQ downloads.

The latter have just moved to the ROEM site, which is a more appropriate home for them. Link is in the sidebar.

The former have been unhooked because they have nothing to do with Scout’s Journey, so they don’t really have a place here. This is the SJ devblog, not a Quake mapping site. I might still move them to the ROEM page sometime, but to be honest it would be a lot of work and I don’t feel the tutorials have accomplished a whole lot while they were there. I also don’t really want to be associated with “the Quake scene” anymore because all I do on their forums these days is get frustrated. It’s dead, Jim.

All the Quake purists probably wouldn’t like SJ anyway, so they’re not really the target audience either.

The tutorials were a major source of page hits in the past, but a) those visitors probably didn’t come because of my game and b) it doesn’t seem to me like they created a sudden influx of new Quake mappers and modders. So I wonder why there are so many hits on the tutorials. Do people read those for entertainment value only? I have no idea.

What I might do in the future is post essays about making indie games. I might do a GIMP tutorial for instance. Or an FTE terrain tutorial. Or something about CSQC. Or why art direction is needed in games, or something about prototyping. Technical stuff that really wouldn’t be useful to most Quake modders (because they seem to love their 8-bit graphics and legacy software, while I clearly want to do entirely the opposite.)

So there are the reasons for the recent changes. Remember, change is healthy. Ask the dinosaurs.

Onward and upward.

2 responses to “A little cleansing

  • qrackerjackquake

    Hi G_B 😀

    Well since I follow you closer I seen the “switch” you did about the Quake scene and I do understand you almost 100%.

    Like you do/did I guess people will evolve to their interest or… if they stick to the purist Q1… well then I don’t know… really I’d be very surprised it would keep that “low profile” but it is a possibility.

    Just a final note to say I like how you write… nice style but nothing too abusive we can clearly understand your point… may be because of your honesty in most of the case.

  • JD

    I hope you post them somewhere i read and reread them a lot even if i haven’t made a full real map. anytime i try i often found my self reading them…

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