Temple: Kitting out


Instead of doing the fifth floor in Radiant, which really is just a bridge and an exit (but I don’t have a sketch for it), I went and modelled some arches in Blender. These are going to use tiling maps, so there’s not really any hipoly/baking involved. Their polycount is not much higher than anything I could have constructed from brushes and patch meshes.


I’ll probably refine these at some point, break them up into subobjects and use several materials instead of the flat white texture, but after quickly slapping them into the level (see first pic) I’m pleasantly surprised. They work pretty well.

I’ll have to build a few special pieces for edge cases where two or more arches overlap, but that’s fine. I think I’ll be using a lot more modular geometry in the future. To think how tedious it used to be to make an entire level from unique brushes…

Blender and Radiant are a great tag team, since I can export brushwork as .obj from Radiant and use that as a reference in Blender. It’s a workflow I’m really starting to dig. Over the last couple days, it became obvious how fast you can hammer out a layout in Radiant using BSP. Then just export parts of that to Blender and start modeling. Plus, anything that’s too simple to warrant modeling it in Blender can just be done using patch meshes… it’s not so bad.


One response to “Temple: Kitting out

  • onemadgypsy

    Excellent stuff as usual, gb! I get your posts sent as a weekly digest to my mail so I generally just read it and carry on. This time I decided to stop in and let you know that I’m still a fan and I keep up with your progress.


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