Continuing the temple dungeon. First texturing and lighting passes; I’m inclined to use a different wall texture on each floor of the dungeon, changing from a smooth rock texture to something like mouldy, decayed bricks the deeper I go. The thing is lit with only torches atm, but that will change over time.


Among my influences for this level are Bioshock (the use of circular layouts full of loops and figure eights in order to give the player more options), The Dark Eye: Drakensang (modular stuff and texturing), and probably also Tomb Raider: Anniversary (it’s hard to describe what I took from that, probably things like the pools of water and the platforming as well as the fact that the entire level will be a puzzle.)


The torches are realtime lights; shadowmaps are doing their thing here plunging whole chunks of the level into darkness. Let’s see where this will lead. I’m liking the results so far.


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