Ascension run


The temple dungeon + temple setpiece have been joined. From now on, there is only “the temple.”

Surprisingly, the result is still pretty lightweight, probably because it’s really still a block-out. All the buildings etc. in the outdoor part are placeholders, and the dungeon part isn’t very detailed yet. But at least it is, sort of, layout complete. Pending a bit of fiddling with buildings and the exit part of the dungeon.


Yeah, I’m posting those gratuitous screenshots with blocky rocks because at least I’m getting somewhere. Don’t worry, better rocks and vegetation are on the way in Blender. I think the platform with the altar here will be a beautiful place one day. Some NPCs are supposed to hang around there once I make them.


Placeholder boats and everything, still. But from now on, I can model those assets piece by piece and drop them in.


The joining of the two maps in Radiant; it’s laughable how small that entire stupid dungeon seems now. Also note how ginormous the actual temple building is.


Some terrain sections have been cut out to make room for the dungeon entrance. The resulting hole will be plugged with a mesh, hopefully making it look a bit like a mine entrance.


There is now a portal room in the dungeon, too; this is obviously a placeholder. The other portal is in the Herd base map. There are no other teleporters in the game; the temple will serve as a kind of travel hub.

I have been working on the herd base as well, I hope to get that layout complete soon so finally these bothersome levels are at a stage where I can go and do mostly other stuff for the rest of the year, again hopefully.


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