FTE update

Spike piles it on. The most promiscuous engine on the planet got a barrel-load of new features and various bugfixes. In lieu of a functioning FTE website, and since I sometimes dwell on it anyway, I’ll just mention some of the news (the ones with gamedev implications):

  • Cylinder geom for ODE
  • Gamepad in SDL client
  • X11 unicode input
  • Wayland support
  • IQM vertex colours
  • a host of touchscreen related improvements
  • “gimmicky” lua support (server side only)
  • Optional support for tesselation HLSL in DX11
  • Shader blobs to save some loading time

Going back through the SVN log, I find those worth to mention:

  • SDL2 support
  • Something about portals

Since Spike apparently also rewrote a bunch of things, this update-blob fixed a major SJ bug in passing that was related to IQM models. Striiiike.

Get FTE here.


4 responses to “FTE update

  • Spiney

    Spike looks like the most prolific Quake engine programmer at the moment.

    By the way, do you have your old mapping tutorials stashed away somewhere? Someone asked me some Radiant mapping questions and I personally found your tutorials the most straightforward and inclusive of all the ones I glossed over. It might “not be a big thing” to you, but I got a lot out of them 🙂

  • onetruepurple

    Psst, AngelScript is better than Lua. Pass it on.

  • Spiney

    Didn’t Spike loathe Lua? Lua JIT is really fast though.

  • Spike

    Yup, I despise lua.
    This way, when someone complains about QC, we can all tell them that lua is an option instead. Then we can all laugh at them suffering with it, if only because they’ll have to rewrite the gamecode from scratch. Mwahaha.
    Is that not a worthwhile endevour?

    Its only an ssqc replacement right now, and to enable it you need to uncomment the #define VM_LUA in bothdefs.h and recompile the engine. And then provide the right version of the lua dll. And then write your progs.lua instead of a progs.dat.
    Its also missing a lot of features – builtins need to be rewritten for it and I didn’t bother to fix up all the extension entry points. meh, I can do those as and when someone actually seriously uses it – if they ever do.

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