Good progress

Last week was very productive. I implemented another central gameplay mechanic, including the required GUI artwork / code and the SSQC backend.

I also started coding the quest system. There are about 90 individual objectives; the main story quest consists of 9 objectives and about 30 subobjectives spanning 5 – 6 major areas (a dozen levels.)

All toplevel GUI screens are in place now, including the quest one and the skill tree. The CSQC GUI gained clickable buttons and basic selection widgets (like a simplified scrollbar, comparable to some 90s RPGs.)

Adding new features to the GUI, the loot system or anything in between is pretty much just a matter of copy and pasting code and filling in the new strings and values at this point. The basics are “just working.”

Equipping other things besides just weapons is working as well.

Next up is hooking up the status effects to the GUI, and making the skill tree work.

And since I defined 95% of the quest tree, I can now also start writing actual NPC dialogue.


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