Close the door on it


Prompted by a disappearing-models bug, Spike went and got areaportals working with q3bsp/QC. This came out of left field a little because I wasn’t aware that idtech 3 even had areas. I was only aware of visportals in Doom 3. Anyway, this little feature might be quite a performance-saver in the long run, especially if it can eventually be utilized in the culling of realtime light sources which right now is less than ideal.


In other news, I’ve been re-playing the original Call of Duty game, which incidentally is also based upon idtech 3, so SJ might take some cues from that. The most impressive feature of CoD 1 compared to most idtech games are the physically large levels. I guess a lot of instancing of tree models etc. helps, but some of its levels still give the GPU quite a few polygons to push I’d wager, even for a 2003 game. The liberally used particles and the amount of AIs on the screen are also interesting. Very technically impressive game all things considered.


One response to “Close the door on it

  • nil

    I’ve seen some Urban Terror maps that pushed an amazing number of triangles, and on modern hardware it just handles it without any real complaint. Sure its not optimal, but if you have anything from within the last 4 years it held up great. Granted UrT didn’t support anything other then the basic Q3 shader system but still, you should be able to make some awesomely large/detailed maps.(Especially if you weren’t able to leverage areaportals before).

    Just don’t be like Portal 2! Soooo many loads in the early test chambers, it was amazingly detailed, but so infuriating to be loading that much.

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