Blender: Sculpting new floor tiles


Blender’s Sculpt mode is great to create textures, among other things. I’ve recently done a work-over of a couple Herdbase textures, and I grew tired of my photosourced floor tiles. So I did this.


I mean, this is so much better! Textures created in Blender tend to beat photosourced ones hands down. The only photos in there are a basic concrete structure and a few grungemaps. The basis was a normal and AO map sculpted and baked in Blender, though.


Here’s one with a different concrete structure in there, same base though.

I get the feeling I’ll sculpt a couple more textures to replace photosourced ones.

The mesh was first modelled with a subdivision modifier, then I switched to a multires modifier and sculpted on that (brush, clay, scrape, flatten, smooth). I used a pressure-sensitive tablet for sculpting. I topped it off by disturbing the creases a little using the Nudge brush.


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