The menu, please


I currently find myself working on Scout’s Journey’s menus (placeholder art shown.) Originally I wanted to do them in MenuQC, since gnounc had shown me some pretty clear-written MenuQC code a while back, but Spike convinced me to do it in CSQC instead. The upside of that, of course, is that the menus simply use the existing SJ GUI code, including the mouse pointer. Any menu is then only an extension of already-existing code.

The “secrets” to doing a CSQC menu are few:

  • set pr_csqc_formenus 1
  • run the initial game menu when the client is not connected (serverkey(“constate”) == “disconnected”)
  • seize the togglemenu command from CSQC (registercommand(“togglemenu”) / CSQC_ConsoleCommand)
  • disable the rest of your GUI in disconnected state.

The rest works exactly the same as any mouse-driven CSQC GUI. I plan to flesh out the menus over time, include a startup logo screen, and add some of the music that I already created.


As might be obvious, Scout’s Journey is now using a dedicated colour palette. This should make the colours seem a lot more coherent and harmonic across the game. To create my palette, I actually went and painted out almost 30 colour lines in Mypaint using a gamut mask to limit the available base colours (great feature by the way.)

I got this idea (and many others) from a number of art books which I’m currently reading, including “Color and Light” by James Gurney and “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards. My aim is to improve my classical art skills in order to become a better overall game artist and designer. I’m also improving my anatomy knowledge to help with character modelling.

The books really have a lot of information that’s not generally available on the internet.

Apart from that I really should get to finishing the quest system and the rest of the GUI panels, and perhaps implement the hub system.

I also still have an eye on GLSL shaders.

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