And Another

I realize not everyone loves to read a wall of text. So here’s a synopsis.

SJ is switching engine because I have the feeling that the open source engines are not dependable and their authors not committed enough. My fear is that a nasty bug pops up when the game ships (or during testing), and the engine coder is not motivated to fix it at that time. With a commercial game, this is a pretty bad scenario that could get ugly fast, especially that late in the development process. Consider people writing angry reviews and wanting their money back – this is something that can’t be allowed to happen.

The decision was not rash; there is a two-year history and a collection of issues behind it (even longer if I count the mod project preceding it.) It is not a personal thing, it is a management decision for the best of the project. I realize that such decisions might be viewed as harsh. Consider that they are also harsh on the one who has to make them.

One could make the argument that these engines are free, thus it can’t be expected for them to be fully dependable. From their perspective, that is correct and it is hard to argue with that.

From my perspective it matters little, because what good is any engine that might fail at a critical time? No matter if it is free. Consider that Unity is also free.

I hope this is easier to read.


5 responses to “And Another

  • ajay1965

    Can’t pretend to be any kind of an expert, as you know, but I hear lots of good things about Unity

  • LunaVorax

    This is very sad news. I do understand your concern, but still.

    We don’t have the same understanding of the word “free”.
    If only it could make you stick to a FOSS engine, I would jump and give you a hand with the coding.

  • motorsep

    I would disagree with the author. It’s not impossible to find contract programmers who will fix bugs for N amount of $$ (or any other currency depending where you live).

    I am using Doom 3 BFG GPL engine and some of the fixes were made for free, some for $$$.

    If someone thinks using GPL engine guarantees free fixes/updates, they are in for a big surprise down the road, as FOSS people make engine for fun 99% of the time and at one point they feel being exploited or their vision goes against developer’s.

    Same thing with Unity – there were cases where some show stopper bugs were not on the road map, and devs had to either wait for Unity team to get to that bug later, or pay for it to be fixed rather sooner.

    It’s a bit different with UE4, since code is open and you can fix it yourself or hire someone to fix it for you, and it will trickle down to the master repo.

    So if you are in this business to make money, then invest into your business. You need money to make money.

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