Friends in Unlikely Places


Found a better way to transfer .map to .obj after reading the tip somewhere on Instead of q3map2 one loads the map into Q4Radiant (of all things) and then simply select everything and export selected as .obj.


This is the q3map2 version – as we saw before, it looks like a shattered mirror. The geometry of the version exported from Quake 4 (upper image) is very clean, and a single “tris to quads” in Blender gives you a workable mesh.

This will save me a huge amount of time.

In theory, this also means that you can easily map in Radiant and export to Unity. You just need Quake 4.

Currently still looking at engines, not decided yet. It can be done in both Unity and UE4 though, I’m sure.

2 responses to “Friends in Unlikely Places

  • motorsep

    Can I save Doom 3 maps by loading them into Quake 4 Radiant ?
    Does it preserve texture projections?
    Does it export patches/curves as meshes?
    Does it export map models (the ones that are LWO/ASE) into OBJ too or is it just brushes?
    How would you export lights?


  • kneedeepinthedoomed

    It does export patches, as far as I remember. I’m not sure if the texture projection is saved as a UVmap or anything. I did not try exporting LWO/ASE to mesh or exporting lights, since I was only interested in the base geometry. I plan to redo lights completely in whatever new engine I choose.

    Don’t know about Doom 3 maps.

    You’ll have to try it yourself 🙂

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