Unity sale rumour

Word on the street is that Unity may be getting sold. The entire company, lock stock and barrel. Hmmm.

Depending on who the buyer is, this could be good or bad news, but I think it might be one of the large tech companies if it’s true at all. I reserve judgement, but I don’t really like the idea of depending on some tech monster company’s whims to make my game. Their only interest is profit, which means they’ll dump their software and its users when they feel like it. I’d rather use an engine that’s made by an actual game company.

Funny thing is that a lot of people are now clamoring for the supposed benefits of open source engines. Hey, that gives you full control over everything, and makes you totally independent, right?


People are forgetting that the open source attitude to bugs is “fix them yourself.” You don’t have full control over an open source engine unless you either are an experienced C/C++ programmer or can afford to hire one / are successful at recruiting one. And then you’ll have a new dependency on that person.

The mindset in the open source world is totally different from the one it takes to make commercial games. There is a lack of discipline and commitment there. This is why open source games have never taken off. Read my previous blog posts if you want more insight.

Not to mention that maintaining and fixing a modern game engine is a shit ton of work, probably too much work for most indie developers.

Open source is not the perfect candy dreamland that some people seem to think it is. It doesn’t really solve more problems than it creates. It is not a substitute for something like Unity.

Anyway, I’ll be watching the development around the Unity engine curiously, as will a lot of others.

Unreal 4 better be good.


3 responses to “Unity sale rumour

  • Ace12GA

    I’ve been following your blog since remake quake died. I was sad about that. In any case, from my personal experience, I think you will be much happier in UE4 than you will in Unity. Unity is fairly poor when compared to UE4. At the tool level, at the work flow level, and at the engine level. I have been working with unreal tech for a long time, and I have taken a stab at Unity 3 times. Each time I just come back to unreal engine, or for my personal projects, Darkplaces. Good luck in either case.

  • toneddu2000

    Interesting article gb. Quite agree. This could be a bomb or a salvation for different kind of game-audience (devs tryng to live selling games vs hobbysts). People don’t understand that opensource game engines without support are almost garbage. Take DP or FTEQW. Their authors don’t have the time (will?) even to be paid for patching those 2/3 bugs that are roaming around for 10 years. The only detail you missed is that if, imho of course, Carmack’s family engines would have been released on a more permissive license differente from GPL (mit, apache, cc0?), MAYBE there would have been more devs to start thinking to use (AND make grow of course) them, in a future idea of selling a game without BE FORCED to release their modifications (small/medium teams hello?), thinking to interact with closed source technologies like SteamApps…

  • motorsep

    UE4 is really good, but still raw. You’ll wind up needing a programmer for UE4 until it matures enough.

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