It will rub the lotion…


Managed to put in some time today despite still being sick with anemia. Working in 50 minute blocks.

Still going through this level and painstakingly putting in modular elements where the brushwork used to be. Pink is former BSP, white is my new pieces. (Pic taken in Blender.)

Not terribly entertaining, it’s rather work of the “has to be done” sort. It’ll be pretty once it’s all done and in Unreal. Painful but worth it.

I’ll be able to do most of this level in the same fashion. With the next one, I’m going to use a better conversion process that doesn’t generate any triangle mess in the first place. This part is also by far the most modular one of the Herdbase sections. The other two use a lot of simple concrete slabs, which won’t need so much redoing. The final Herdbase part uses largely terrain, which is gonna be fun. After that, the temple dungeons are largely modular AND they already use a lot of meshes. That’s gonna be a lot less painful.

OK, three work units done now. Let’s make it a routine again. There’s always hope.

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