Crappy hardsurface attempts


Well, I was messing around in Blender again, and I loaded up my old lowpoly model of the Herd MP. So I decided to add sub-D modifiers and turn it into a proper highpoly model. Pretty soon, it became rather challenging to place the control loops on there, since the geometry was messy. I turned that rail into a floater to simplify things, but still, I probably need to do a few hours of reading up on polycount sometime. Yay for complex shapes. (This gun model is in no way finished.)

I dropped all the realistic real-world guns (shotgun, pistol etc) from Scout’s Journey, so only the more or less fantastic stuff remains. I kept the gatling turret because it’s part of the environment more than anything – not an equippable weapon. I want to polish these models up to get some hipoly modelling practice again.

Anyway, some work was done at least.


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