Highpoly MP cont.


Stuff is getting tricky.


5 responses to “Highpoly MP cont.

  • motorsep

    I noticed you no longer get any comments after abandoning FTE :/

    I’ve been poking at Unity and now I see why it would have been a better decision to go with Unity (since UE4 didn’t exist when I started) for my projects after Steel Storm, than stick with FOSS engine.

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      Hi motorsep. 🙂

      Yeah, I guess this site is no longer interesting to the quake community since I dropped the quake engine and removed quake related stuff.

      I’m currently kinda in between. I don’t yet have good enough hardware to seriously develop on UE4, so I do work in Blender, maintain my design docs, improve my art skills and so forth while I save up money. I can work on assets without needing an engine.

      I also think Unity is a pretty good choice, unfortunately the pro version is pretty expensive and it’s not quite as good as UE4. Since Scout’s Journey is heavy on the environment side, I think UE4 will be the better choice. I’d use Unity for smaller games in a heartbeat though.

      I also believe that Unity CAN be used to make FPS games. Several people are currently making Unity FPS. It is definitely possible.

      How’s your game going? Need some freelance level designers? 😀

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      Also, why not follow me back on twitter. 🙂

  • motorsep

    I thought I followed you.

    Unity 5 will be out pretty soon and it has everything UE4 does. You can already get beta anyway. As far as level size wise – both engine are the same. Both stream levels. Unity 4.6 does too.

    As for price – get Unity free and work on the game. Then either buy stuff in Asset store (that to a degree replaces disabled functionality from Pro) or pay $75 per month upon release, upgrade your game, and cancel subscription. It’s a big more expensive than UE4, but it’s a more stable engine, doesn’t have high hardware requirements, and runs on many more platforms than UE4.

    I went with Unity for Steel Storm reboot (using old assets with more anims + new assets) for Android and iOS, then PC and console. Once that done and hopefully is funding my come back to full time game dev, I’ll get back to Phaeton, and there is a good chance I’ll ditch FOSS game engines for good.

    It’s not the functionality that gets me – it’s lack of programmers willing to spend time working with FOSS engines :/ It’s quite easy to find team for Unity or even UE4. Impossible to find anyone for DarkPlaces, and virtually impossible – for idTech 4 (even though it’s C++).

    As for game – development stalled again. No programmers working on it, and I don’t have time to even do art – building an FPS is too much for 1 person, especially with full time job.

    So I outline my plan above, not sure if it can work.. At least I might be able to boost my credentials with new release on several platforms and hire freelance people 🙂

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