Practiced some marker shading using my Herd Trooper sketch. It appears the pencil drawing’s proportions were slightly off. Note to self: Always start with a proper drawing.

Remember to consult your Herd supervisor before worshipping the Star-Eater.


Here’s after I added some kind of armour vest. I think I like the added detail, but I’ll probably make the breastplate more rounded.

Changes like this are now surprisingly easy to do, I think I either leveled up as a concept artist or I just hit upon a combination of brushes and techniques that work well for me. Maybe one and the same. I also like the pencil lines a lot more than the comicky pen outline I used last time. I actually tried cell shading recently but quickly dropped the idea.

The Herd Banshee is going to have her own version of this armour; slightly less bulky and white-on-black instead of black-on-white. The Banshees are also going to use a different helmet.


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