Still fleshing out the setting and story of Scout’s Journey. I’ve long had a scene where HERD members lament their broken oaths, after one of their friends is missing and presumed dead, and they share a very bleak outlook on where things are going in their faction. They are former EUFOR soldiers, veterans even, so of course their service oaths mean something to them, especially if it’s a really good, noble, personal oath like the one I tried to assemble here. All of them broke that oath to form the HERD, and now they only serve as cannon fodder for the Star-eater and his crazy order of inquisitors.

I hope I managed to create enough of a conflict between the two oaths. I really imagine most of the HERD faction as people who are torn, who feel like they’re completely in the wrong movie, but who cling to it because it’s all that’s left for them. They can never go back to their old life because they’re all guilty. I imagine their leader, Hastings, a little like Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now. Should provide excellent material for personal conflicts.

This conflict affects some of them more than others, it’s mostly the upright honorable folks who are underrepresented in the HERD anyway. Those are eventually going to snap.

I think an enemy faction like this is tons more interesting than one of cookie-cut evildoers. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to make the Order faction equally interesting, they’re a lot more classically “evil” and I’m not yet sure how to explain that, or if I even should.


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