Gun non-cult


Trying to improve my perspective and do better linework. Proper lines really are the foundation, it’s not worth working up a sloppy line drawing. Sloppy lines are faster to get a concept on “paper” but the image ends up looking bad. Putting in some perspective lines is definitely worth it.

I really need to draw more.

Anyway, concept of one of my reworked weapons. This used to be a crossbow but I decided to take the medieval stuff a little more into sci-fi, to match the rest of the game. I’m striving for a medieval-sci fi crossover here.

Scout’s Journey has shaken down to 15 equippable weapons (all of them used by NPCs as well as the player), 6 of which are bladed weapons, only one has a sight on it, only 2 use physical ammo, and a few have infinite ammo. Realistic weapons are no longer present in the game, it’s all fantasy ones. There are no more weapon upgrades and only a few of them have an alt-fire mode. This is all a result of my lengthy struggle with combat and violence in games. Not too much focus on crazy weapon upgrades, different ammo types etc, which is a mistake Bioshock made. If you’re making a game based on story and setting, don’t give the player any of this excessive weapons stuff and don’t have a permanent background noise of combat. It detracts from the atmosphere you’re trying to create and the story you’re trying to tell. Let them pick up and equip the enemies’ weapons but don’t turn guns into a huge thing.


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